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Popular Services


We guide couples in exploring their best gifts to share with one another in making the most important decision of their lives. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, conflict resolution and setting realistic goals in establishing secure foundations for long and happy relationships throughout their married life together.

Along the way, marriages often encounter unexpected challenges. We work with couples to reexamine their needs and wants and to work with them on establishing new skills to meet life’s transitions. It is always timely to seek assistance when couples are no longer feeling the emotional and physical intimacy that they once enjoyed.

Anxiety & Depression

Feeling that we aren’t the same lively and motivated self that we once felt ourselves to be doesn’t mean that we can’t learn new skills to live life fully. Just as depression can overwhelm us, feelings of anxiety can be equally uncomfortable and keep us from enjoying life and relationships. Talking about feelings and finding a deeper sense of self awareness and direction can lead to greater insights of feelings and how they can be managed effectively.


Establishing a trusting relationship with a counselor is important in evaluating an addiction in your life and taking charge of the underlying issues that drive a reliance on drugs and alcohol. We offer individual counseling and support for you while you are making life changing decisions for health and wellness.

Grief & Loss

Accepting loss in our lives can be emotionally overwhelming, bringing about unexpected stressors in marriages and relationships with loved ones. Attempting to avoid feelings often takes a greater toll than working through loss and change. Talking about feelings of grief is a means of finding a new foundation for living well and creating new meaning in life.

Sexual Abuse Recovery

It takes great courage to face the recovery process of having been sexually abused, whatever the age and circumstances of abuse. Anyone who has been abused may blame themselves. It is very important to have a secure place to share the loss of empowerment. Talking in a secure and trusting environment can make a difference in recovering from abuse and moving toward a happy and successful life.

Other Services

Other Services

We Can Help With:

  • Counseling for Life Changing Events
  • Adolescent/Adult Drug & Alcohol Recovery
  • Family Relationships
  • Coping with Change
  • Divorce Recovery
  • Co-dependency